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【公告】2020 SATU SMART 2.0 Student Competition 學生競賽 (Registration deadline 6/24)

因應疫情所造成各國大學而實行線上授課,今年競賽主題為[Improve College Students' Distance Learning Experiences],請於報名截止日6/24前線上報名

SATU SMART 2.0競賽為個人報名,並以跨國團隊競賽方式進行,歡迎各專業領域同學報名參加,於報名截止後由SATU國際秘書處依每位學生專業領域及國籍分配團隊。

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting the world, universities in many countries have shifted to distance learning. This type of learning will no doubt continue to shape the way future generations are educated even after this pandemic is over. Although distance learning has many advantages, unresolved challenges still exist for both students and teachers, and there is no better way to improve online learning experiences than by hearing from the students themselves.

The 2020 SMART 2.0 Challenge will incorporate student input concerning how best to improve distance learning and will focus on the following:

  • Identify up to five (5) important problems being widely experienced by distance leaners
  • Develop innovative solutions to overcome these problems

Please register online by 24th, June. We thank you in advance for you kind support. For more details, please visit the SMART 2.0 website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Peggy Hsieh at satu@email.ncku.edu.tw

第一名:US$ 2,000
第二名:US$ 1,000
第三名:US$ 600


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