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Announcement of Result - Osaka University Anniversary Lecture Series

Announcement of Result for the Osak University Anniversary Lecure Series (2021.03.10)

# Chinese Name Surname Student ID No. Degree
1 維○使 Sahadevan N18097013 Doctoral
2 库○哈 Kumar P68097064 Doctoral
3 洪○珊 Hung U76071093 Master's
4 盧○飛 Ridho N16097114 Master's
5 林○柔 Lin B54056143 Bachelor's
6 倪○嘉 Ni E94066042 Bachelor's
7 陳○叡 Chen AN4066103 Bachelor's
8 陳○庭 Michelle C64075360 Bachelor's
9 郭○吟 Kuo E24083236 Bachelor's
10 李○珊 Lee I54091872 Bachelor's

Note: The Office of International Affairs at NCKU will send an email of notification for the above accepted students by March 11. The students who receive the notification please complete the application procedure following by the OU system before March 19.

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